Vision Correction & Eye Health Information Resources

Education is the key to patient satisfaction at Diablo Valley Eye Medical Center.

The benchmark for choosing a healthcare provider should be surgeon experience, diagnostic and laser technology, location, and how well they educate their patients. We feel, the more you know about eyecare, the tougher questions you will ask eyecare providers when searching for eyecare services. In addition to the massive amount of information on our website, we want to provide you with even more information from other reliable sources.

Here are a few links to those sites we feel offer unbiased information about eyecare. If you are shopping for laser vision correction, please down load our checklist ‘How to choose a laser vision correction provider’ in Patient Forms.

Other Vision Correction Resources on the Web:

  • Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • The LASIK Institute
  • Ask LASIK Docs
  • Summit Technology

Other General and Senior Eye Health Resources on the Web:

  • Medem
  • Web MD
  • My Healthy Eyes
  • National Eye Institute

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